Stockholm in 4 hours (and $120) 

Oh yea, you heard right. It is too expensive to linger on longer than that anyways.

So here goes, in chronological order.

1230pm: disembark from plane after a 3 hour flight from Dubrovnik. (Yes we cleverly flew an extra 200 miles north of Amsterdam to save on air tickets and chalk up miles – but please, remind me not to do that again?) 

1pm: cleared customs, leeched on airport wifi and googled our way to “the best meatballs in Stockholm”

105pm: boarded Arlanda Express. $24 one way tix (?!?$!) into town.

125pm: brisk walked all the way to Bakfikan, Operakällaren (Jacobs Torg) for The Best Meatballs in Stockholm. For more immaculate writing, please kindly refer to The Slow Place 

150pm: settled down at Bakfikan and ogled at the cute Swedish waiter (well, according to Jh) before eyeing the slices of interesting bread lined up on the kitchen counter. Thinks to self: On the house? 

155pm: stuffed eyes back into sockets after converting prices on the menu into SGD. ordered a ton of stuff anyway. FOMO.

205pm: bread is served, FOC, and you can choose. Yes! 

225pm: appetizers were served. Delicate and so good. Costs just enough to buy you 6 plates of wanton mee in Singapore. And it’s just appetisers. 

225pm: The BEST Meatballs were served. Complete with creamy mashed potatoes, pickled cucumbers and lingonberries.

226pm: first bite. And life…just isn’t the same again. Move over IKEA meatballs! 

235pm: tried to gobble up fellow diner’s food, but the ox sausage wasn’t that great. Stick to the meatballs guys! 

240pm: decided to order us some desserts.

245pm: damn, will we be late trying to get back to the airport? The desserts aren’t here yet. 

250pm: ooo, dessert is served and the Creme brûlée is awesome. 

255pm: got the bill and decided I won’t ever come back to Sweden unless I become a millionaire.

3pm: made way back to the train station. Skirting the old town and attempting to take wefies in harsh day sunlight along the way. 

325pm: took Arlanda Express (kaching!) back to the airport. 

345pm: phew. Made it back in good time.

440pm: boarded the plane for another flight back to Amsterdam. Told self never to add on an additional 2.5 hours of flying time unnecessarily. 

Transport cost: $48/pax

Meal cost: $70/pax

Were the meatballs worth it? Hell yeah. 

Another recommendation by: TJH ❤


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