• Add: 20 Cross St, #01-19, China Square Central, Singapore 048422
  • Opening Hours: 1130 am-1am (Weekdays), 6pm-2am (Saturday)
  • Contact: http://sons.com.sg/
  • Great For: Value weekday lunch, huge portions, mash, The Entertainer 2015

Non-hawker food in Singapore fails to impress me much nowadays. They either cost a bomb or are overrated by our food blogger community as soon as doors are thrown open for business.

A nice recommendation of late however, would have to be &SONs, an Italian restaurant modelled after those Venetian gastropubs (Bacaros). My average time lag for blogging about a place is usually about 1 month, but this charming eatery has inspired me to jot down my thoughts about it within 2 days!

Beppe Devito – Chubbyhubby’s pal, is the man behind the restaurant (and stove, for the matter). With ilLido under his belt, you can be sure that the diners at any establishment with him in charged will be treated with high quality and well-executed dishes.

Though &SONs main focus is  on the small tapas-size plates which provide refined servings of Dolce, Piccante, Tagliolini, Prosciutto and a dozen other Italian terms that are getting me all tongue-tied, &SONs is also well known for their value lunches on weekdays where they serve ridiculous amounts of mash/pasta for as low as S$8/dish. Great move to capture the CBD crowd.

Processed with Moldiv

We ordered the the following lunchtime dishes:

  • Linguine with Seafood Marinara (S$8)
  • Rigatoni Bolognese (S$9)
  • Baked Chicken Cacciatore (S$9)
  • Salmon Escalopes with Mushroom and Mash (S$11)
  • Chef’s Salad with Homemade Pancetta and Cheese (S$9)

and the Garlic & Herb Foccacia (S$5) + Waffles.

(there were 4 girls involved in this craziness. i know right)

If you think the price is unbelievable for such an atas looking eatery in the CBD, you will be bewildered (confused actually) by the portions they put in front of you.

The only minor gripe i have was that the Baked Chicken was not flavourful enough and the Waffles, well, you can definitely give that a miss. For the rest, you definitely cannot fault them on the presentation, taste and serving size. I especially enjoyed the Salmon Escalopes. Would definitely be back for dinner one day to claim those Entertainer vouchers!

Pay them a visit only when you’re very very hungry.

You have been warned.


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