Cheap Eats @ You Huak Restaurant’s Sembawang White Beehoon

  • Add: 22 Jalan Tampang, Singapore 758966
  • Opening Hours: 1130 am-1030 pm, closed on Wednesdays
  • Tel: 9843 4699
  • Great For: White Beehoon, Stir Fry Fish Head, Indo Style Chicken Wings

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Made a trip down to the northern part of Singapore today for some grocery run and since I am hardly in the area, a visit to Sembawang White Beehoon was at the top of my priority list. I was first introduced to this tze char stall a couple of years back by Angie, who swears by the white beehoon and chicken wings. Little did I know then that this was THE legendary 白米粉 that my fellow countrymen queue an average of 45 minutes for. As a native Easterner, my food radar fails north of PIE and west of CTE.

For years, the queues continue to snake along Jalan Legundi every single day (save Wednesdays). I believe the popularity is largely contributed by a very focussed menu that emphasises on serving simple, consistent trademark dishes at affordable prices. The teochew lady boss is also apparently very high-strung about the freshness of the ingredients so you can be guaranteed pristine seafood and vegetables every time you are there.  Unlike faddish hipster cafes that come and go, I am always grateful to have simple local eateries like this contributing to our culinary scene.

What should you order?

  • White Beehoon ($4.50/$8/$12)
  • Sambal Lala ($9/$13/$18)
  • Meat & Seafood Roll a.k.a Hei Zou ($10/$15/$20)
  • Indo-Style Fried Chicken Wing ($6/$10/$16)
  • Sweet Potato Leaves ($7/$10/$15)
  • Stir-Fry Fish Head ($13/$20/$26)

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Special mention goes to the White Beehoon(of course) and the Stir-Fry Fish Head.

The 白米粉 might look plain but after the first mouthful, you will definitely change your mind. There is something amazing about the  incredibly flavourful chicken stock that they use and the subtle tinge of ‘wok hei’ prevalent throughout. It comes with a handful of side ingredients (prawns, squids, chye sim, eggs and spring onion) that do not overcomplicate the dish. Light and tasty.

The standard tze char Assam/Curry fish head dishes are not featured on the menu of You Huak but the ingenious ‘stir-fry fish head’ creation by the lady boss has definitely made its mark. Unlike anything you have tasted before, the bite-size (chopped) fish head comes stir fried with a chilli paste concoction that provides diners with sweet/savoury/spicy sensations all at the same time. It is supposed to be in the company of sliced bitter gourds but mine came with celery (which was slightly odd).


Patience is a must if you come at meal times. The queue snakes around the block and can get quite atrocious (45min to an hour wait) which brings me to my next point – do not even attempt to turn up at those times! I have been warned by my folks to turn up at odd hours (1130 am, 3pm, 10pm)  to avoid queues. Honestly, trust these experts. It is the most valuable advice thus far.

Apparently, there are more famous White Beehoons out there: Toa Payoh, Bt Merah, where else? Hmmm…


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