Beirut Grill

  • Add: 72 Bussorah St, Singapore 199485
  • Opening Hours: 11am till 11pm (Sun – Thu)/12am (Fri-Sat)
  • Tel: +65 63417728
  • Great For: The Entertainer 2015 deals, Lamp Chops, Oriental Arabic Rice, Lebanese Cuisine

Kampong Glam has got to be one of my favourite spot in Singapore. With strong ties to the Muslim community, the area surrounding Arab St, Haji Lane and Bussorah St oozes with old world charm and we have the Urban Redevelopment Authourity to thank, for gazetting Kampong Glam as a conservation area back in 1989.

10730836_10104426349476983_1750880127072264503_nOne of my recent  food find (thanks to The Entertainer) was Beirut Grill along Bussorah St – voted top 10 places in Singapore to get your Mediterranean food fix by City Nomads.



The girls and I started off with a Cold Mezza and since Vk and I were famished while waiting for the others to arrive, we decided on the largest appetizer dish they had on the menu- the Beirut Mezza Platter $22 (hummus, baba ghanoush, moutabal, cheese roll, falafel, pita bread). A vegetarian (read “healthy”) dish to start the soon-to-be carnivorous meal and great for those who are undecided about what they should get. Just in case the contents of the Mezza Platter sound greek to you, here is a breakdown of the alien words:

  • Mezza: small dishes in Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Hummus: Levantine food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. (Hummus masqueraded as a backpacking staple during the spring Umich OA trip of 2008 and I have loved it since then!)
  • Baba ghanoush: Levantine dish of cooked eggplant mixed with onions, tomatoes, olive oil and various seasonings.
  • Moutabel: spicier version of Baba ghanoush
  • Falafel: deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both.
  • Levantine: Eastern Mediterranean

For mains, we went a little overboard and ordered 4 mains (in addition to the ginormous appetizer – for 4 girls! *gasp*). Decision-making skills were obviously shrouded by The Entertainer one-for-one deals. No regrets though.

Shish Taouk $20 (chicken cubes specially marinated overnight with Lebanese herbs & spices). Juicy and tender. Definitely worthy of the Chef’s Special status.


Beirut Special Tandoori Chicken $18. The poultry turned out crazily red. I would give this a miss as I m pretty sure you can get better ones at the Indian restaurants around the area. Not spectecular at all.

Beirut Lamp Chops $27. 3 decent size lamp chops cooked to perfection. Definitely their signature dish and a must to order.  No one does lamb better than the Arabs!

Lamb Kebab Kofta $20 (char-grilled minced lamb with Arabic herbs and spices). Another one of their star dishes. This has go to be one of the better versions in Singapore.

I know the focus should be on the meats, but the best part of the meal to me was the Oriental Arabic Rice which was served with all mains, alongside a pile of grilled vegetables. The rice was fluffy and had a good mix of minced lamb and awesome herbs/spices. Aromatic and a nice complement to the heavy stuff we were ingesting.


The service staff were wonderful and made you feel at ease. A diversified crew of Filipinos, Turkish (Lebanese?), Indians definitely added on to the whole ‘exotic’ vibe it has going. Food was served promptly.


To be honest, it is on the pricey side by my standards and I wouldn’t have been at peace with myself if there wasn’t The Entertainer knocking off 2 main dishes from the bill. Savings of $38. We paid $98.90 for 4 but hey, we over-ordered and I am sure with a little more self-restrain, a meal at Beirut Grill wouldn’t cost a bomb. Non-alcoholic drinks were terribly over-priced though. Avoid.


The surroundings itself is charming as it is and the decor within is in sync with the entire Arabian theme. The tables/chairs were a little worn but added to the old world charm of this place.

In a nutshell

One of the better Mediterranean food around town and if you just so happen to be in the area and craving for some Shish kebab, Beirut Grill is apparently your best bet. Stick to the lamb dishes and enjoy the amazing Oriental Arabic rice they serve with every main. Definitely as close as you can get to the capital of Lebanon right here on the equator.



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