Cheap Eats @ Whampoa

Finally got down to exploring the Whampoa region over the long Good Friday weekend and made a couple of interesting finds!

Find #1: Super old school bakery  – Sin Hon Loong @ 4 Whampoa Drive


So full of nostalgia this one. Step into the 70s as soon as you arrive at their storefront. Mosaic floorings, antiquated large industrial ovens, a handful of stone-faced singlet-wearing uncles staring back at you as they continued kneading the dough.. No plastic cabinets, no uniformed staff, no pretentious pastries with creative names (in my opinion – to make up for the lack of authenticity). Sometimes all we need in life is just some plain…old-fashioned…bread. Why don’t they get it?

Sin Hon Loong is one of the last remaining 8 traditional bakeries left in Singapore (reported by the Straits Times in 2012). It is a pity to see such places go and being replaced by commercialized pastry outlets more concerned about profits than the soul and traditions of communal baking. I am glad these folks have survived right into the 2nd decade of this millennium after more than half a century of churning  out hand-made loaves of bread and feeding a good part of our working population the breakfast that they deserve. (pssst. those Yakun toast? they are handcrafted here. for most of their outlets at least)

We bought an entire brown sugar loaf  for $2.90  (8 thick slices or 16 Yakun thin slices) and asked for kaya + peanut butter spreads.Ate it with a hot Milo drink at the Whampoa Drive Food Centre right across the road from the bakery. Unforgettable breakfast it was.

Find # 2: Black bean kueh? (黑豆糕) – Tanglin Halt A1 Carrot Cake @ Whampoa Drive Market & Food Centre, #01-34

Yam cake, soon kueh, ku chye kueh, bng kueh, kim kueh kueh… I have had them all.

But… Black Bean Kueh? this is a first for me…and it was good! The aromaticity of the pre-fried black beans was resounding and gave an extra punch to the flavourful starch mixture binding all the morning goodness together. It was dirt cheap at less than a $1 per piece.

This stall is famous for their carrot cake too. One of the better ones around.

Their business hours are from 5am-12pm. So do get there early before the kuehs are sold out. 


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