Bacon & Booze

  • Add: 900 Punggol Road End – Track 24 (Singapore 829 168)
  • Tel: +65 6489 5679 (they take reservations)
  • Opening Hours: 3pm-1am (Weekdays), 9am-1am (Weekends) – these are some hardworking folks!
  • Great for: Lotsa Booze, Chicken Cutlet, Bacon Wrapped Everything, Pet-Friendly

2014-03-30 21.17.50-2
Remember being trucked down that long road to the end of our little island , packed into bum boats and shipped across to Pulau Ubin for Outward Bound School? Well, the little jetty still stands there, faithfully serving its role as an initiation to tropical camping, sea kayaking and jelly fish stings – a rite of passage for most Singaporean teens. Over the past decade though, the shoreline panning out from the jetty has changed dramatically  with the creation of the Punggol Promenade and Park Connectors. I have always been a big fan of this corner of Singapore ever since a run and bike ride in 2012/2013 when the cycling paths were still in its red dirt phase. If you haven’t already done so, do check out this scenic stretch one day!

Another reason that could perhaps entice you to pay a visit to this god-forsaken corner of the island, is a charming little establishment called Bacon & Booze. They have a limited food menu but an extensive Booze menu to boot. Great for a beer after exploring the park connectors or just simply to hang out away from the crowd.

The Entertainer app coupled with an after-work impromptu blading adventure led me and 2 other colleagues to this eatery. We had a sinful dinner filled with greasy food and Hoegardens (hey, temptation Fridays are totally legit after a week-long slog in the office ok) before heading off for a 14km thigh+butt busting blade. The Chicken Cutlet (S$15) was honestly ‘fried to perfection’ – just as what the menu has described. The sambal sauce (you could also choose the teriyaki one) was an interesting local twist to the classic dish. Breaded chicken was piping hot and crispy on the outside while still retaining its juiciness on the inside.  It was served with plain ol’ fries and a generous serving of greens. We ate 2 chicken cutlets among us, 1 was FOC thanks to The Entertainer app.

For sides, the Bacon Wrapped Enoki (S$9.90) and Honey Chicken Wings (S$10.90) both had an extremely “home-cook” feel to it and were each served with good portions of raw greens in a bid to nullify all the grease from main stars.(it did help psychologically). We saw diners going for the Nacho Cheese Fries too.

Booze – definitely no lack of choices here. Happy Hour deals (3pm-8pm daily)  are great. We did a 1.5 pints of Hoegarden for S$13. The daily promotions are interesting too:  10% off for oil/gas  staff  every 4th Thursday of the month , 10% off for divers on Wednesday…and more. They even have a live band on Fridays – don’t expect a Timbre standard for that one though.

The downsides to dining here, would be the limited ‘main courses’ available, its inaccessibility and the stuffiness if the day happens to be humid. However, it is still worth it if you are in an exploratory mode and have cravings for affordable Bacon & Booze (plus a godzillion decent snack food).

Couple your visit with a stroll by the Punggol Promenade Walk and discover a side of Singapore you might not even know exist.

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