Cheap Eats @ Amoy St Food Centre

Amoy St Food Centre (Intersection between Telok Ayer St and Amoy St)

My dad loves to go on and on about how he roamed the double-story complex for food since the 80s. Of course, he never fails to mention the lor mee stall on the 2nd floor, which by the way, is the only dish he would stand in line for more than half an hour. Besides the blockbuster lor mee, I chanced upon a superb plate of chicken rice while doing a Saturday brunch with him recently at Amoy St. Woofed it down while he gamely braved the lor mee queue.

Min Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice (#02-94)

Simple, fragrant, tasty, $3 – need i say more?

photo 1

Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee(#02-79, #02-80) – Closed Mon and Tue

This stall needs no further introduction. You know that if they can afford to rent 2 stalls, shut 2 days per week, and have 20 + people in line before noon – the food has to be good. (though I was never a big fan of the starchy gooey dish in the first place). $2.50 and $3 options available.

photo 2


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