Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Add: 190 Middle Rd #01-07 Fortune Centre
  • Tel: 6337 4811
  • Opening Hours: 1030am-1030pm daily

Had a wonderful lunch last week based on a recommendation by our in-house vegetarian food expert, Rudy. He brought us on a heat-coma-inducing10 min walk through Hill St, cutting across Brash Basah Rd and on to Middle Rd’s Fortune Center. Now, Fortune Center must have like the highest concentration of Vegetarian restaurants in one building but Rudy’s all-time favourite is the one I would be covering here.


We (4 pax) ordered 4 mains:

  1. Palak Paneer ($6): Indian farmer’s cheese in green spinach curry sauce
  2. Aloo Gobi ($6): Potatoes & Cauliflower in a sauce filled with Indian spices
  3. Butter Chicken Masala ($6): Mock chicken with a rich creamy buttery sauce.
  4. Chettinad Mutton ($6): Chettinad (fyi), is a kind of cooking style/cuisine popular in South India.

4 servings of carbs and drinks :

  1. Plain Dosai ($3): comes with amazing chutneys and split pea curry
  2. Basmati Rice (3) and plain white basmati rice ($2)
  3. Masala Tea ($2) and Teh tarik ($1.50)

photo (10)

The spices and creaminess of each curry were well-balanced. Texture of the paneer is perfect, not too clumpy and chewy.Mock meats were also nicely striated and well cooked. The potato and broccoli in the Aloo Gobi were not too ‘nua’, my only gripe with the dish was that it was oily. But i guess all Aloo Gobis are like that. Thosais..no complain. Though I would say it has a slightly better aroma/taste as compared to Heaven’s. The basmati rice (biryani-like) looked amazing too, I didn’t try it though. As for the drinks, my masala tea was one of the better renditions around town. Word has it that the mango lassi is likely to cause the onset of diabetes, so we stayed clear of that one.


I loved every single dish! I got so engrossed with my meal that the guys detected a long silence at my end of the table -cues cricket sound-.

Strict Bhuddist vegetarians would be glad to know that garlic and onions are not used in the dishes here

We each paid $10 and it was a truly satisfying meal. Would be back for more when I am in the area.


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