Heng Ji Goose and Duck Rice

  • Add: 664 Buffalo Rd (Tekka Market), #01-335
  • Tel: 63960969
  • Opening Hours: 830am-230pm (rumoured to sell out as early as 1pm), close on Mondays


Firstly, a big HI to folks on the “Duck Rice Lunch Group” whatsapp channel. This long-awaited post is finally up! Looking forward to more recommendations from all you foodie veterans 🙂

This is going to be a short post featuring one of the nicest hawker dish I have had in recent times. Memorable! Especially for the teochew in me. ieatishooipost has blogged about this before, so  I guess Heng Ji Goose and Duck Rice must be quite an institution.

I really love the intensity of the 卤 “lor” at this store. It goes so well with the bowl of plain rice. I swear I could have just eaten it on its own without the peripheral dishes. And of course, if the braise sauce is excellent ,thats more than half the battle won for the duck, eggs, beancurd and pork being stewed in its goodness.

The duck was done well, tender and flavourful – pretty much up to expectations. The wow part of the meal however was the sliced pig’s head along with its obligatory beancurd lackey. Do remember to have it as an add-on to your duck rice meal!

Budget meal done under $30 (half a duck, braised pig’s head with beancurd,5 bowls of plain rice with awesome 卤汁) – fed 4 grown men + 1 greedy lady to the brim. Thanks for the treat CT!

p.s AVA restrictions have banned goose imports into Singapore. so don’t go asking for it at this store.


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