AndMade-Caramel Lava Cake to die for

Add: 9 Scotts Road #01-04/05/06 (Pacific Plaza)

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Sun-Thu), 10am-12am (Fri-Sun)

Tel: 66907566



I have been trying to rush this post out since last week but life has just been crazy! The reason why I would have loved to blog about this really nice meal I had with Dr C more than a week ago was because of this special promo they had where you get a $10 return voucher just by “Checking-In” on Facebook while dining at the burger bistro. The offer is on only till the 23rd December (oops, sorry guys!).

Somehow, Dr C and I always find ourselves chomping on burgers during our impromptu meals together and I was really glad I suggested visiting &Made after her constant pleas for “comfort food please. i am super stressed at work.” She was all smiles after the meal!


&Made, helmed by Michelin-starred Chef Burno Menard of the now-defunct L’Osier (3 Michelin-stars French restaurant in Tokyo) made landfall here in our sunny island back in July. I have heard alot about it but as usual, was many months late in catching up with the hype. Well, better late than never!

The “B” Burger: Dry-aged beef, onion confit,Ā  caper/garlic save & Comte cheese ($19)– One of the better original burgers around town! Onions were nicely caramelized and the Comte cheese (a component of my favourite French Gruyere cheese!) gave it a nice kick. The toasted brioche buns were also soft and fragrant. For the traditionalist, this burger does make the mark. However…if you are up for some interesting variations, try the…


The 3 Little Pigs: Bacon, pork fillet, & chorizo patty, shitake mushrooms, Japanese cabbage, Shibazuke pickles, yuzu-kosho mayonnaise ($23) – ok, i will be honest with you, I have absolutely no idea what those Jap-ish words are but those things sure do taste splendid when tossed up together with the burger. If you are not a big fan of mayo (I know of some folks out there who absolutely hate it – God help them), stay away from this. Being the big mayo fan I am, even I found the burger a little too overly dominated by it. Also, expect a ‘tougher’ patty, really different å£ę„Ÿ from what you would get in a traditional burger. That being said, I think this burger is so unique that its totally worth a try! The mayo-laden veg tastes very much like a jap version of the coleslaw.


&Made Fries: 4 different flavours to choose from, Garlic & Vinegar, Original, Smoked and Truffle (add $3). All burgers come with fries. We had the Smoked and Truffle ones. Was a little disappointed with the smoked one as there was only just a hint of the smokish flavour, might as well get the original! I had no complains about the truffled ones – just like any you have eaten at your usual cafes. Fries were a little greasier than I would have liked.


Hot Caramel Lava Cake ($15): The creme de la creme of the desserts Dr C and I have eaten on our various food adventures. Move over molten chocolate lava cake! You should have seen our faces after we savoured our very first bite of the caramel soaked cake, it was so epic that we found the waiters staring at us when we opened our eyes. Oh, you just have to eat it to understand.


Talking about the waiters, service was impeccable at this bistro. It was one of those rare occasions where I feel that the service staff were genuinely happy to be working there. They greeted us with smiles, checked on us every so often and kept asking us for our feedback on the food served.

Would be back to &Made to cash out that $10 voucher of mine šŸ™‚



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