Salted Caramel Truffle Tart by Plain Vanilla Bakery

I know its mid October already but its never too late to broadcast a shout-out for a good cause.

Thanks to Jloo, I recently caught wind of an interesting charity initiative that would pique the interest of those with sweet tooth.

Sweet Charity Month is back this year after a successful run previously. The target is to raise $100k for the NUH Kid’s Heart Fund – a program that addresses the medical needs and concerns of children with congenital heart diseases. It is a clever month-long initiative where participating restaurants/bakeries/cafes dedicate one of their dessert to this program and when you purchase them, $5 + 30% of the proceeds goes directly to the NUH Kid’s Heart Fund!

I might be biased but the only baked product I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in was the Salted Caramel Truffle Tart done by the great people at Plain Vanilla Bakery. I remembered being there on their opening day (and JLoo bumping glass jars over ;), wolfing down heavenly choc ganche cupcakes and watching Vanessa/Phil busying themselves in their cosy little Holland V shop. Glad that they have such a great following now 🙂

The opportunity to get this huge 9″ tart came today as I decided to host a brunch for my Taipei boot camp team-mates. (Thank you NLQ for picking it up and to both of you for paying/donating). And.. to cut the long story short..the tart was simply AMAZING. The tart dough, chocolate, and oozy caramel centre… it all came together like magic. Definitely worth every penny of the $65. And hey, think about it, about $23 from that goes towards a meaningful cause.

If you’re one of those who find yourself saying “there is always room for desserts” after a meal, do yourself and those little ones at NUH a favour, indulge in one of the 18 desserts featured for Sweet Charity Month! (ends 31 Oct 2012)


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