Kim’s Hokkien Mee

  • Add: 43 Joo Chiat Place
  • Phone: 67421119
  • Opening Hours: 11am-2am daily

The great thing about food-blogging is that there is never a “perfect” recommendation of a particular dish that suits everyone’s palettes. (so, you can’t fault me!) A great example would be our beloved Hokkien Mee – some like it really wet with the noodles soaked in prawn stock gravy (like my mum), and others enjoy the dry-till-you-can-smell-the-wok-hei version of it (me!).

Now, I have got a few stalls in mind when it comes to Hokkien Mee but I decided to be a little adventurous one Friday evening by dining at Kim’s Seafood Place with G55. A place I have never tried before.

Turns out that Kim’s was a popular choice. The tiny restaurant was packed when we arrived and we had to wait for seats. After plonking ourselves down and without much deliberation, we decided on the non-oystered version of the hokkien mee  ($8 for a medium plate) and the oyster omlette (orh lua).

The hokkien mee had to be one of my best finds in recent times. The proportion was enough for 2, “wetness” -just right (tends towards the dry spectrum), prawns were uber fresh and the entire dish “hou hiong”. Not to mention, there was this huge pile of fried pork lard served on the side. Was given the death stare by my health guru dining partner when I went for my 4th piece. oops.

The orh lua was a disappointment. To think that they pride themselves in their oyster-hokkien mee, one would expect the oysters to be large, juicy and flavourful. Sadly, didn’t work out that way for us. The omelette (served on a hot plate) turned out bland too. My advice is to save your $12 for another dish.

Their crabs are apparently good, might head back there for some!


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