hei 黑

Website: http://www.awfullychocolate.com/

Ok, Awfully Chocolate – old story this one. It probably is the default to-go shop for last-minute birthday cakes on this island. So everyone is familiar with them.

I am a huge fan of DARK chocolate and today’s mid-afternoon indulgence with Dr C at the Awfully Chocolate Upp Thomson branch kinda nailed my vote for the best dark choc ice cream around. (Udder’s is a little more complex).

From the website itself:  Awfully Chocolate is our super premium dark chocolate ice cream made with natural ingredients. It contains a blend of our own chocolate and Belgian dark chocolate (min. 70% cocoa solids), real eggs, fresh milk and pure cream. The low air content makes the ice cream very rich and dense, and it has less sugar than most other premium ice creams.
  is manufactured by us in Singapore and in certain territories, for us by carefully selected contract manufacturers. It is full of flavour and is perhaps the darkest chocolate ice cream around.

Anyways, point is, there is a DBS deal currently which entitles you to a FREE scoop of hei 黑 dark chocolate ice cream with a minimum spending of $30.

There wasn’t a need for us to spend up to $30 (Dr. C’s bday cake for C papa only set her back by $27?) but we added a white choc cupcake just to bump up the bill to over $30. Oh yes, sillyporeans. Totally fell for their trick. Anyways, no regrets with this sinful indulgence. The scoop of ice cream was HUGE and white choc cupcake made us feel high on a sugar-rush.
Check out the deal if you truly intend to spend $30 there!


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