The Bark Cafe

  • Add:1000 Upp Changi Rd North
  • Opening Hours: 11am-1230 am (Sun-Thu), 11am-130am (Fri-Sat)
  • Tel: 6545 4118

This is gonna be a quick post on a recent find in the east (again) by G55.

A quaint Al-fresco eatery just beside the Changi Chapel and Museum, The Bark Cafe serves an extensive list of alcoholic beverages (beer – tap/bottle, cocktails, mocktails, wine and the likes), western platters and local cuisine. Very much like your typical Singaporean ‘fusion’ cafe.

Really crowded on a Sunday evening – the place was filled with a handful of large family groups (wailing toddlers, trailing domestic helpers, birthday cakes with flickering candles) and couples who seem oblivious to the chaos of it all.

Having done my research on Hungrygowhere, G55 and I proceeded to order a few recommended western platters. I was torn between those and the exalted Crayfish Hor Fun, but decided that we should go “angmoh”. There were some hits and misses among the 4 dishes we ordered (1 starter, 2 mains, 1 dessert), and here they are:
Bark’s Battered Fish and Chips – Pacific Dory Fish deep friend to crispy & golden brown, served with mixed salad and fries ($16.90). Quite a disappointment this one. More batter than fish. And the portions were pretty small for a $16.90 price. Average, and probably not worth your tummy space. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Chef’s recommendation’ symbol.

Bark’s Specialty Chicken Wings – (3 pcs for $7.90 or 6 pcs for $14.90). A little expensive you may say, but definitely worth every single dime. The wings were very nicely fried (great fire-control) such that the skin was crisp, non-greasy and the succulence of the flesh was still very well kept within. Thumbs up! Also, those wings were huge..

Russian Grilled Chicken – Grilled chicken thigh with pepper herb served with oriental vodka cream sauce, mash potato and vegetable ($17.90). Interesting choice. The sauce was great, though I didn’t remember tasting any vodka in it. It went well with the grilled chicken the broiled vegetables. Again, it might be a little too expensive for my liking ($17.90 for a slab of chicken ..hmm). But definitely choose this over the fish and chips!

Apple Crumble (didn’t take down the price – solli!). One of the chef-recommended dessert. I know there is always space for dessert, but nah, you are better off saving that space for something else. Lets just say, we can call it..Apple Mush.

So there, honest review of The Bark Cafe! I really like the ambience of the place. But then again, the East always has its own charm. As for the food, forget about the fish and chips. Oh, and their sodas were equally bad too (diabetic-inducing). I would definitely head back for the crayfish hor fun and check out their long list of alcoholic beverages.


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