Les Bouchons @ Rive Gauche

  • Add: 41 Robertson Quay, #01-01 Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore
  • Tel: +65 6733 4414
  • Opening Hours: Lunch (12pm – 2pm), Dinner (7pm – 10pm), Closed on Sundays

I am not a big fan of steaks and a steakhouse won’t exactly be my natural dining choice. However, after some great marketing by Vk over Whatsapp and the prospect of “free-flow fries, we could stay there and talk for as long as we like”, I agreed without any fuss.

Well, that was before I checked out the prices. Woah, $36.80 for a steak was a little too steep for a low-paid minion like me. (ok, granted that there will be salad + free-flow fries, but still!)  I decided to team up with the other broke pal of mine, Dr C, who recently plonked down her entire savings from the bank for a new crib. The plan was to share a serving of steak and then fill our tummies with Macs or other cheaper forms of nourishment after the meal.

Glad to announce that we didn’t reach that sorry stage. I would probably give credits to the free-flow fries and our declining metabolism rate.

We were barred by Vk to order anything other than the Grilled Rib Eye Steak $36.80 (served with salad and home made french fries). So erms, we had 3 of the same main course on our table. Turned out to be a great choice though (thanks Vk!)

The bread (didn’t even bother taking a picture of it) was nothing to shout about. Serve me warm bread (best with rosemary herbs) + olive oil and I will be the happiest woman in the restaurant. Didn’t happen here. Bread was kinda rock hard, served with butter..and forgettable. The salad was also average. I would expect a bistro like this to add a little more sophistication to their salads (and bread), but i guess these ain’t their forte.

The slab of rib-eye steak (about 2 palm size) was rather thin but well-grilled and seasoned. Could be a little juicier though. It came with servings of sauces (horseradish, american mustard, mayo, Dijon mustard) which were delish as a complement to the steak.

Highlight of the day (to me) was the fries. Non-greasy, fragrant, crispy on the outside while retaining its moisture on the inside. Best of all, there is a bottomless supply of it.

This quaint little restaurant by the Singapore river has a cosy toasty feel. Great for a small-group meet up or a romantic dinner for two – that is if you don’t meet uncouth diners (like me) chattering away at the top of their voices. As for the price, I would totally head back there again, only if: 1. I am treated to a meal there (any takers?) or 2. I find another poor sod to share it with me or 3. i get a double pay raise.

But thats just me!


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