Shanghai Mansion

  • 479-481 Yaowaraj Road, Samphantawong, Bangkok 10100
  • Tel : + 66 (0) 2221 2121
  • Fax : + 66 (0) 2221 2124
  • E-mail :

Ok, so this is a first for Valeebelly. A hotel review! Veering off from the usual rantings of food, cafes & the likes  – I call this diversification 😉

Was on doing some last minute bookings for my Thailand trip 2 weeks ago when I caught sight of Shanghai Mansion after filtering choices for the Chinatown/Yaowarat area within Bangkok. My priority was to get us an accommodation that was walking distance to the city’s main train station (Hua Lamphong Railway Station) for our early morning train ride the next day to Ayutthaya (more on that in a later post). Feeling uninspired by the run-of-mill hotels on offer in Chinatown, Shanghai Mansion caught my attention with its “free wifi + minibar + breakfast buffet ” shout-out. Obviously, they weren’t exactly free free, which partially explains why the room rates were priced at about $20 more than a typical 3-star motel in the area. However, after snooping around the photo gallery, I was sold. The bold interior design featuring a strong oriental inclination made me feel that maybe we should pay a little more and give this place a shot.

Fast forward a week later, we found ourselves in the lobby of Shanghai Mansion after clearing some crazy traffic at Chinatown. Welcome party was great, the service staff were polite and directed us to the reception area on the 2nd floor. Once in, I was smitten by the antiquated feel of it all: black and white tiled floors, red leather sofas, spiral staircases, mahogany chairs, wooden cabinets with intricate display items…it all came nicely together. Check-in was relatively swift, experience made even more pleasant with some welcome cordial drinks + towel ( I know, it takes very little to win me over). We were directed to our rooms (Mei Hua Rooms – i suspect Mei Hua = 梅花) by a member of the hotel crew and introduced to the features around our crib for the night( FREE MINIBAR = yay!).

I was dead beat by then and not very pleased at the prospect of sleeping alone (Mx had to back out due to a family emergency). Didn’t do much exploring of the room before hitting the sack which was a huge four-poster bed. Had to shower with a cage of fake stuffed birds hanging in my bathroom. Though tastefully hung up in the corner of my shower area, it still wasn’t very cool to be in the company of birds looking down on you as you soap yourself.

Woke up the next morning and attempted to appreciate the room a little more. I figured that my favourite part of the interior design was the oriental wall paper featuring chinese paintings on it. Reminded me of the 清明上河图. Next favourite would have been the red doors, wooden bolts and all. Very much like those in the 古装戏。The bed was a little too hard for my liking, though the boys would disagree. And i was disappointed there wasn’t much hotel toiletries to steal. Just in case you didn’t know, hotel toiletries are my weak spot(s) and technically, its not stealing since it is priced in the room rates! There were shampoo, conditioner and soap provided, but they were all placed in giant pump bottles and if i do take those away, THAT would be stealing.

The next highlight of our stay there was the gorgeous buffet breakfast. Piping hot dim sums, cereals, yoghurts, fruits, cooked angmoh-style breakfast food, congee, Thai-style dishes, an omelet station – it was a scrumptious start (thankfully) to our long day! The back portion of the restaurant (Cotton) had the whole colonial-Shanghainese feel to it, marbled floors, wooden lounge seats and tables.. superb. The area where we had breakfast though, had a more modern + vibrant touch to it. Chairs were a little low, either that or I need to grow a little taller.

During our mini exploration of the hotel, we caught sight of a bunch of colorful rattan lanterns hanging from the ceiling in the courtyard. It was a sight! and probably my favourite area of the entire hotel.

After looting our minibar (chips, coke, 7-up, water), we made our exit from Shanghai mansion to catch the train towards Ayutthaya. Fond memories, and definitely one boutique hotel that I strongly recommend for your stay in the Chinatown area of BKK. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket ($80/night,  sleep up to 3), the interior decors are so pretty to look at, breakfast is great, service staff are polite and helpful, + you get delicious Thai seafood (Lonely Planet certified!) + throngs of birds nest stalls just a 2 minutes walk from the main door. What more can you ask for?


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