Jerry’s BBQ & Grill

  • Add: 277 Jalan Kayu
  • Tel: 64840151
  • Opening Hours: 12pm-1130pm

My food haunts have always been limited to the eastern and southern part of Singapore, so I was glad when G55 suggested this really awesome al-fresco dining place at Jalan Kayu for dinner ( I have only been to that ulu Northern area for pratas). To some of you northerners, I might just be WOLS since Jerry’s BBQ & Grill has been around for like what, 18 years? But wow, the ribs they serve there are some bloggable ribs man.

This 120 seater restaurant boasts an al-fresco dining area in its back alleyway. I really enjoyed the chill/laid-back ambience going on there. Also, The bar counter in the main dining area looked worn from almost 2 decades of service – full of character!

The main draw however, was the food, or more specifically – the Memphis Style Hickory- Smoke BBQ Pork Ribs (Half Slab $20.95, Full Slab $32.95). I don’t think I have tasted one quite as good as those served here.  Grilled for 4-5 hours to perfection, the tenderized meat cleanly falls off the ribs without the need for any jaw wrestling. The spice rubs and “secret homemade BBQ sauce” were well-balanced and the portion served was well-sized. I wasn’t too big a fan of the potato salad side that I chose though. You should probably give the other sides a try.

We also ordered a side dish of the Most Talked About Buffalo Wings (Half Dozen $10.95) which came drenched in a special mix of hot sauce (you can choose the intensity level – there are 5). We did the mid-level one  (Fire Plus) thinking it would be just about right but woah, you should have seen G55’s sweat trickling down the face, there might be some tears (and mucus) involved too! Jerry’s claimed to have brought the buffalo wings idea first into Singapore way back in 1994.  Personally, I liked this dish but it might be a little too unhealthy since its deep-fried and all, but ah, just jog it off after.

The other thing great about this place is the drinks menu. With an extensive array of wine choices (guesstimate 25), smoothies, beer (tiger and other imported ones), cocktails, juices, soft drinks… you will never go thirsty or succumb to the fiery hell threatening to rip your body apart after attempting the level 5 buffalo wings. (pls do do tell me if you ever attempt it.)

While walking out, we caught sight of a “kids eat for free on sundays” sign. Probably a great place to bring your kiddos (if any) along too. Definitely coming back to this one.





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