The Cartel Bistro

  • Add: 112 East Coast Rd (112 Katong)
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Thu (10am-11pm), Fri & PH Eve (10am-1am), Sat (9am-1am), Sun & PH (9am-11pm)
  • Phone: +65 6636 3327

This is going to be a quick one on a Cafe Cartel spin-off I found by chance after a botched attempt at Zaffron Kitchen with my dinner dates (father bear and tiger mum). This is not a place for a gourmet feast but do expect a mountain load of decent Western food on the cheap, made especially so with the 1-for-1 weekday set meal offer. It will work out to be just over $10/pax if you bring along a date. My total bill (2 set meals + 1 baked rice) came up to a total of $43. After-meal comment from dad ” Har? I am about to burst already and its only $43?” I am such a great deal-spotter. -victory sign-

On to the food…

The mushroom soup and garlic bread (came with the set meal) were..sad. Soup was a little saltish and seriously, there wasn’t a single mushroom in sight. Which makes me angsty because I love my mushroom soup chalked full with mushroom bits. This was just bland, and I could taste more of the chicken stock and cream than anything else. Disappointing start…

But things looked up! The Hawaiian Pork Chops ($18.50) was pretty decent, the best part of it was the 3 palm-size slabs of pork chops (hey, i am feeding a family of 3) that were tenderized to perfection. Attempts at being “Hawaiian” showed up in the 3 slices of pineapple topping. It was served with some sauteed seasonal vege and a heap load of fries.

By now, everyone should be familiar with Cartel’s famous St Louis Pork Ribs ($15.60). I have fond memories of the branch at Siglap where I would drag my school mates down for some free-flow bread and good ribs. Again, huge slab here coupled with some roughly chopped Coleslaw and another heap of fries. I didn’t enjoy the fries by the way, too oily!

Crispy Dory Fish Baked Rice ($15.30). Somehow, there is always baked rice when Tiger Mum is involved in the meal. Being the typical Chinese she “bor bng wa buey sai” (can’t do without rice) so we endeavor to include some asian carbs in our meals. The baked rice was pretty enjoyable because of the mushrooms (portobello) they piled by the side. Dory fish was a little too ‘fishy’ and oily, not great. As for the rice, there was a good balance of cream sauce vs rice, and it wasn’t too salty – cream sauce + cheese is always a tricky situation.Ok overall except for the dory fish.

So, there you go. If you happen to be in the Katong area one of this weekdays, do check their 1-for-1 deal out. It ends 31st July 2012!




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