Crayfish Hokkien Mee @ Yung Sheng Fried Hokkien Mee

  • Add: Taman Jurong Market & Food Center – 3 Yung Sheng Rd, #03-177
  • Opens: 1130am – 930pm (closed on Mondays and Thursdays)

For the past 2 weeks, I have been craving for some Crayfish vermicelli from Taman Jurong Market after reading a certain Ms Eunice Quek’s review of it in the May 27th issue of Sunday life! The article under “cheap & good” drew my attention because 1) its really rare to hear of good food in the west! (and i spend some 45 hours/week there) and 2) i LOVE crayfish!

We (4 ladies + Uncle C) trooped down to the stall yesterday after an earlier-than-expected conclusion of Uncle C’s meeting. There wasn’t a queue except for Uncle C who was waiting for the 5 plates of Crayfish HOKKIEN MEE he had ordered for us. I have forgotten to remind him that its the vermicelli that i was craving for 😛 In any case, it didn’t go as planned but I had a delicious plate of crayfish hokkien mee for lunch in the end. Thanks for the treat too Uncle C!

At $5 for a normal 1-pax plate ($10 for large), it is a pricey hawker centre lunch but I guess it was still equitable considering the fact that the portion of noodles served was pretty large and the crayfish was really ‘meaty’. The side characters like sotongs and prawns were fresh and the hokkien-style black hokkien mee tasted great because of the stock (pork bones + prawns) and erm, lotsa lard.

So, the story goes that the couple (Mr. and Mrs. Hau) started out as just a typical hokkien mee/char kway teow seller at Taman Jurong before deciding to spice up their menu by adding this crayfish noodles to the list. Just to put a face to name, I have an erhem ‘exclusive’ Valeebelly photo of the couple who were just as embarrassed posing for the photo, as I was coaxing them to huddle for a picture to be taken.

I would totally head back for the vermicelli version! 🙂


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