Chin Lee Restaurant 深利美食馆

  • Add: Blk 115 Bedok North Rd #01-285
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Fri (1130am-230pm. 530pm-1030pm), Sat-Sun (1030am-230pm,6pm-1030pm)
  • Tel: +65 6449 5454 (a MUST to book)

I had a superb family gathering over the weekend at one of my favourite Teochew restaurant situated in the east and just thought I would share the experience with everyone. I have visited this establishment a couple of times after settling back in Singapore after graduation and have always been pining for the next visit. Alas, it is close to impossible to get a table on weekends at this place (2-3 days lead time is totally insufficient!). So, when the chance came up for a belated Mother’s Day celebration lunch, I pounced on the opportunity to secure a table for fourteen – 5 days in advance. I got lucky this time! phew.

We paid about $20/pax which was really reasonable considering how stuffed + satisfied we were by the end of it all. The service staff (or ‘aunties’ 😉 were really accommodating too. In all, it was truly a pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend this restaurant for diners with a craving for cheap + authentic Teochew food.

The dishes we ordered are featured below. They were all hits! Just get them all if you dine there. There were more expensive items on the menu, but I guess we will save it for our next visit there. All prices quoted are for their Large size portion which could easily feed 14.

Conpoy+Fish Maw Soup – $48: The usual ‘sticky’ soup with lotsa tender fish maw and shredded crab meat. Was the least outstanding of all the dishes but still worth the order. I think the best fish maw soup I have ever drank was served at Beng Thin Hoon Kee @ OCBC Centre. But.. I shall save that for another post.

Fresh Prawn Omelette – $15: yummiest 煎蛋 ever! The shrimps used were uber fresh and the eggs were done all fluffy and tasty (though a tad bit oily). Super aromatic and best eaten with a spoonful of rice. Yums.

Teochew Crispy Pig Trotters 潮州炸猪手 – $20: This was the STAR of the meal. Deep fried pig trotters served with a special dipping sauce made out of grounded peanuts + plum sauce (I think). It was placed on top of a pile of shredded cucumbers, which gave a nice complement to the meaty + ‘heaty’ pork we ate. The most amazing part is the gelatinous layer right under the perfectly fried skin, supposedly really great for your joints (says mama). Some restaurants do their pig trotters all wrong – greasy, burnt, overcooked…but Chin Lee’s is really for the lack of a better description – da bomb!Coffee Pork Ribs  咖啡排骨 – $20: The standard has improved greatly for this dish. I remember eating ‘chaotah’ ones when I last visited Chin Lee. This time round, the colour was right and there wasnt any overwhelming bitterness when we munch into it. Stir-Fried Nai Bai with Garlic – $16: very simple dish of stir-fried veg. But still elegant and tasty all the same. Just fyi, my mum used to attend restaurant cooking courses and she told me that veg dishes sold in eateries are always so 香 because they have to go through the 泡油 stage before embarking on the simple stir fry. Yeeks. And you thought ordering veg was gonna nullify all the bad meat stuff you ate prior.Seafood Roll with Mango Salad – $39: An expensive dish ($3/piece) but worth the try. Each piece is kinda huge so you could maybe half the portion and save the money for something else! The ‘mango salad’ had more cucumbers than mango, hmm.. but was refreshing al the same. The prawns used within the seafood roll were huge. One of the must-try dish, but again, I would order it as an ‘appetizer’ if I were you. Hey! I am price-sensitive.

Homemade Beancurd 家乡豆腐 - $20:  A recommendation by the waitress and a last minute addition to our list. This is apparently one of their famous dish and it sure did not disappoint. Gigantic portions of deep -fried soft tofu topped with a concoction of minced meat + 菜尾 (or what we Teochew call ‘cai bui’). I can’t figure out what the deep fried finely shredded toppings were. Let me know if you do!Teochew Kway Teow 潮州炒粿条 - $15: Char Kway Teow – teochew style. Basically kway teow fried with lotsa oil (my mum refused to touch her bowl. dad was more than happy to gobble her portion up) till its almost burnt! The wok-hei flavour was superb. And the little chewy bits of preserved radish “cai por” gave an interesting crunch to the otherwise soft and mushy kway teow. Unhealthy, but oh, what the heck.Teochew Yam Paste + Pumpkin a.k.a Orh Ni – $18:  Ask any self-respecting Teochew and they will tell you their favouritest dessert in the word = Orh Ni! And its really hard to find good ones around. You can however trust Chin Lee on this one. The paste was considerably smooth. the sweetness was just right, and loads of pork lard was dumped in there.  Oh yeah. (Disclaimer: i am not advocating unhealthy eating but hey, a guilty indulgence once in a while won’t harm right? Just go jog it off after 😉Will definitely be back!


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