Best cuppa hot chocolate @ The Hardware Societe

  • Add: 120 Hardware St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Opening Hours: 730am-3pm (Mon-Fri), 830am-2pm (Sat)
  • Tel: (03)9078 5992

This is not going to be a long post because I can’t remember exact details of what I ate at Hardware Societe during the trip Down Under last November. I do however, have this sudden urge to blog about the best cup of hot chocolate I have ever downed in my entire life.

The Hardware Societe is an institution itself for serving some really great brunch stuff (especially their baked eggs) and any Melbournites who have never heard of this wonderful place must have been living in a cave for the past decade!

After getting lost within Melbourne city (messing up Hardware Lane and Hardware St caused us much confusion and lost brunch time -tick tock-), we finally located the cute little cafe along Hardware STREET and ambled around for about half an hour before being ushered to a cosy corner right outside. The service staff were really warm, attentive and patient for such a busy establishment. The food was of course, great (90% votes on but I apologize because I can’t for the life of me give a blow by blow account of the entire experience except for the fact that the Hot Chocolate made from 54% dark Callebaut chocolate (Belgium) was the most amazing cup of gooiness I have ever drank.  I was pleasantly surprised when the server plopped 2 serving ware down on our tiny brunch table: in the cup sat a small mound of semi-solid dark chocolate + drizzles of cream and accompanying it was a little jug filled to the brim with warm frothy chocolate milk. The resulting concoction was simply magical. Definitely one of the most euphoric (dining) moments I have ever had. Do try it if fate brings you to Melbourne one of these days… I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.


4 thoughts on “Best cuppa hot chocolate @ The Hardware Societe

  1. One of my favourite places to have brunch! (: A pity we didn’t get to meet when you were here! A hot chocolate would be perfect for this dreadful weather! Now I’m craving for some but it’s time for bed! haha

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