District 10 Bar and Restaurant

  • Add: 81 Clemenceau Ave (UE Sq) #01-15 (facing Unity St)
  • Opens: Mon-Sun 11am-3pm, 6pm-11pm (till 12pm on Fri-Sat)
  • Tel: 6738 4788
  • Website: http://www.district10.com.sg/
  • Deal Alert: Ladies Night every Wed (free bottle of bubbly!),10% off for AMEX users (till 31 Dec 2012), 1-for-1 pizza for DBS cardholders (till 30 Jun 2012)

The newly revamped District 10 Bar and Restaurant is modelled in an entirely different way from its bygone days at Windstedt Rd. They have definitely turned the chic factor up a notch but I still very much prefer the cosy setting at its old location. Think they are trying to appeal to a different crowd here at Robertson Quay.


The drinks menu was extensive: wines, shots, beers, cider, cocktails…. However, since my gal pals are mostly non-drinkers, we settled with just 1 pint of Hoegarden and District 10’s signature cocktail- Green Bull (Vodka, Blue Curacao, Orange Juice & Red Bull) – $16. The 6 of us took sips from it and the general conclusion was: “Tastes like medicine.” *scrunched face*. Red Bull must have been the culprit. I will probably try their other cocktail, Sticky Morning (Jagermeister, Butterscotch, Amaretto, Baileys)- $16 when I revisit.

Small Bites

The not very jumbo Jumbo Crab Cakes – $19 was a great find. Though slightly overpriced, the great blend of ingredients + seasonings used was beyond expectation. The only gripe we had about it was the price + size. But, if there is any starter that you would like to splurge on, make this it.

Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings – $14. Meh, x 8 normal buffalo chicken wings . Not mind-blowing. The blue cheese dip accompanying it was though. Cheangster was seen dipping every single morsel of food in the remaining dip after that. She couldn’t get enough of it!

Fried Calamari with Wasabi Mayonnaise – $14. One of the more decent fried calamaris around. The squid used was really fresh.


Wangyu Meatballs in light Mustard Sauce with fries/mashed potato – $20. Food reviewers were raving about the meatballs, but I still prefer IKEA’s (hah!). The light mustard sauce was the saving grace of the dish though. We wiped it clean off the plate. Tasty!


The 1-for-1 deal really made this worthwhile. The thin-crust pizzas were outstanding! Don’t really hear food reviewers talk about it. But seriously, do try them.

Pizza Seafood (tomatoes, mozzarella, assorted seafood and basil) – $24. Thin-crust pizza with very good quality seafood (smoked salmon, squids, shrimps). Think its about 8″ and definitely enough to feed 2.

Pizza with Portobello Mushrooms (tomato, mushrooms, truffle oil) – $26. DA BOMB. all the goodness in one pizza.


Thank goodness we stayed for desserts. Discovered a few treasures.

Sour Cherry Pie with Pistachio Ice Cream – $14. Voted number 1 by the sisterhood! The crust was baked right, not too crumbly… and the entire lattice pie was filled full with succulent cherries, which really aren’t that sour. The slight tanginess was a good complement to the side serving of pistachio ice cream. We highly recommend.

District 10 Chocolate Sundae with Roasted Nuts – $9. Great smooth chocolate fudge. Thats all i can remember about it but definitely worth the try.

Warm Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream – $14. I was quite a fan of this one although the others were neutral about it. I guess my only pain point was that the crumbles were not ‘crisp’ enough yet. I would let it stand in the oven for another couple of minutes or so.

Great meal outing with the girls where we spent about $25-30 each, kinda decent for the quality of the food. Please remember to use all the relevant credit cards to optimize your spending :p Fyi, if you are using the 1-for-1 offer, then the 10% discount doesn’t apply. So erm, split the bill?

Service staff were not very attentive but all smiles when they are actually serving you. Would definitely be back for more! Mojitos! haven’t had that for awhile..


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