Graze @ Rochester Park

  • Add: 4 Rochester Park
  • Opening Hours
  • Cuisine: Australian
  • Tel: 6775 9000

Since its fresh in my memory and I am still feeling terribly sore about it, I have decided to get the word out about a great Citibank deal for Graze that I read on the papers 2 hours AFTER brunching there.

Graze has been around for quite awhile but as usual, I’m always about one of the last to hear about dining spots like this. Which is great, because you would think I would have read up prior and have a grand plan of the list of things to order and what to avoid. Well, didn’t work out that way for Lylau and me.

Breakfast Platter $26 shaved virginia ham, two poached eggs, aged cheddar, toasted rye, fruit, whipped butter, preserves juice or smoothie, tea or coffee: the most expensive dish on the breakfast menu. Anything with the word ‘platter’ thrown in it will make you feel like that you’re getting the best deal and mish-mash of it all (think Fisherman’s platter – always good yea?). But nah, I think we will advise you against this one because we felt totally dissatisfied about our breakfast. The only saving grace of the entire platter *snorts* was the toasted rye bread. As our friend JS said “I can totally buy everything from Cold Storage, and I don’t even have to cook them for you”. Point taken.

Signature Cast Iron Pan $25 fried egg, bratwurst sausage, bacon, potato, mushrooms tomato, baked beans:  From the little morsels of scrap left behind by very generous dining partners who pitied our very sad-looking “Breakfast Platter”, Lylau and I swore to put this down on our order list when we re-visit Graze. Worst still, I chanced upon a Citibank advert featuring 1-for-1 Signature Cast Iron Pan promo from now till 31 Jul 2012 (*deal alert*) later on in the afternoon. Don’t make the same mistake please. Just go straight for the Cast Iron Pan when you’re there.

Hand cut sweet potato wedges, rosemary, green chilli mayo $7: too heavy and nothing seriously fantastic. another bad choice. Order it only if you want a day’s load of carbs and only have  $10 bill in your pocket.

Chocolate Fondant $15: Molten lava chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream and roasted peanuts. Lylau really liked this one.

Nice setting for a brunch on a breezy Sunday. Service standards could definitely be improved: orders were forgotten, spoons falling on Lylau…

Will be back with a vengeance for the Cast Iron Pan! Grr.


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