Bismillah Biryani Restaurant

  • Add: 50 Dunlop St, Singapore
  • Opens: 1130am – 3pm, 530pm -10pm (closed on Tuesday)
  • Tel: +65 9382 7937

This will be my second post on Valeebelly about Biryani. The first of which was documented here.

I am an uber fan of basmati rice done right (an art really) and I found it at Bismillah one sweltering Saturday afternoon. I love the colours (different tints of orange) and the intoxicating fragrance of the rice. Its really one of the most difficult dish to cook. How difficult can cooking rice be? Trust me, I have screwed up a batch before and my poor dad/mum had to deal with Basmati porridge for their Sunday lunch. Not a happy meal that was. Its really not that easy to get the basmati rice all nice, fluffy and intact!

Apparently, the owner is one of the few in Singapore who cooks Dum Biryani the ‘right’ way. By putting the entire sheep -mehh- into the pot of rice and cooking it over charcoal fire (instead of separating curry from rice). The Dum Biryani was awesome! (thank you Biryani Buddy for letting me steal portions of it from your plate) but the Chicken Biryani was not. Chicken was tough, stringy and not marinated well enough. Stay away from it! We ordered papadums (yums) and Mango + Sweet Lassi.

All in all, I figured that the ‘hype’ about this place was because Anthony Bourdain (one of the few favourite TV men in my life) stopped over for a meal during one of his episodes in “The Layover” series. Also, ieatishootipost did an extensive coverage of it (link below). The price however, is pretty steep at $8.50 (chicken) and $9 (mutton) when you can easily get a pretty decent one at  <$7 nearby. Also, I find it appalling that they charge $4 for a glass of mango lassi! The interior was really run-down too, not a very comfy place to dine in. I was however  tickled pink by the huge crazy wordy banner hung just outside the shop front (you can’t miss it from the street) which featured a love proclaimation for the Biryani sold at Bismillah by a die-hard fan! Advertising 101?

Mini trivia: Basmati rice is actually suitable for diabetics due to its low starch content and in turn, a low glycaemic index. (And no, I am not that knowledgable, it was ripped from )

Only worth it if you are a Bourdain fan and have a craving for Dum Biryani!


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