Deih Gua Mee Sua

Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup
467 Changi Road
Opens from: 5pm-4am

Easties would have been well-acquainted with this late-night supper establishment opposite Kembangan MRT station by now. It is one of my go-to places whenever the tummy makes pleading noises past 11pm.

The star dish of this popular zhi-char place will have to be the pork liver meesua (deih gua mee sua). Of course, for those who get a little queasy just by visualizing pork kidneys and livers, you can opt for the lean pork slices version of it. I personally know of two people who would do just that 🙂

The soup interestingly gets more 浓 (and saltier) as the night goes by.  Really flavourful broth. Please do not expect those clear 黑鸡汤 that your mum prepares at home. This is farrrr from it. Besides the broth, I have also always been impressed by the fresh pork/livers/kidneys that they use. The kidneys really do pack a crunch when you bite into it. They get the timing just right.

I have tried the other zhi char dishes too, nothing seriously fantastic. Their steamed fish and lala dishes seem to be quite popular though!
One added word of caution: be prepared to put up with nonchalent service staff.

Trust me, that bowl of mee sua is crazily comforting on one of those rare chilly Singapore nights.


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