Dear Thuriya – by JLoo

Event: Dear Thuriya/Bright is the Night
Venue: Esplanade Tunnel

Date: 13 April – 6 May 2012

Genre: Photo Exhibition

What defines a life-changing trip?

To me, its when you feel an unfathomable connection with the land and/or its inhabitants + an absolute sense of camaraderie with your travel partner(s). Its when a door inside of you previously bolted, gets unlocked and you feel the unbridled freedom of exploring a different realm of thoughts/experiences that you never knew existed within you, keeping you addicted for years to come.

For me, the Grand Canyon wilderness backpacking trip in the Spring of 08 just about tops the list (life-changing in every sense of the word), S.Dakota-Seattle Road Trip (spectacular sights in the Land of the Free), Northern Vietnam in 09 (first encounter with tribal markets and people, hill explorations), Australia 11 (self-inflicted physical toil in the mountains, never knew we could cover such great distances;)…

Intrigued by Polaroids

Myanmar in Jul 11 however, holds a special place in my heart. Albeit a short 5 days whirlwind of a trip, it had undoubtedly drawn me into the lives and stories of the enigmatic characters we met along the way, going about their daily lives in a land that has only very recently flung its doors wide open to the outside world.

J and Thuriya

One of the characters I met was Ashin Thuriya, a little child monk living in a monastery at Mandalay whom J met and befriended on the streets in 2009. He has “a face you will never forget” I was told, and how true it was.

An outing at Mingun Paya

Anyways, let J’s pictures do the talking. Dear Thuriya photo exhibition will be on at the Esplanade Tunnel from 13 Apr 2012 to 6 May 2012. A synopsis of her work for this particular project can be read here. Do visit it!

The 3 brothers

And to J: Thanks for inspiring, for living large, for loving freely and for reminding me how infinite life experiences really are.

Disclaimer: The photos shown here are part of my own collection shot using a very humble entry-level DSLR. See the real/pro shots itself (by J) at the Esplanade Tunnel!


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