Steamed Eggs with Milk (鲜奶燉蛋)

Recipe from: Christine’s Recipes

Pals who do desert with me would know that I only go for either 姜汁撞鲜奶 (steamed milk custard with ginger) or the egg custard at 记得吃 or Ah Chew’s.

$3.50 – $4.00 a bowl is kinda like extortion though, because with that, you could buy a dozen eggs and fresh milk to make it yourself.

Which was what I did, on impulse, half an hour ago. Well, didn’t use a dozen eggs to make for an army of course. Just a little experiment with 1.

Was happily slurping on it and force-feeding my mum within 15 minutes of cracking the egg (she was on the phone). The other bowl is sitting happily in the fridge – chillin’.

Variations include reducing the sugar and drizzling honey over it before serving.

Serving Size: 2 rice bowls

250 ml fresh milk
2 eggs
30g sugar

1. Warm the fresh milk in a microwave or stove. Don’t boil it.
2. Beat the eggs
3. Pour the milk into the eggs. Then add the sugar.
4. Stir the egg mixture well with a fork.
5. Divide and pour the mixture into the 2 rice bowls
6. Scoop up the foam from the surface of the egg mixture and discard it.
7. Cover with Aluminum foil
8. Steam for 12 minutes in a wok steamer. Lift the lid every 4 minutes to release some steam. (I used an electric steamer as I was in my sloth mood)
9. Eat it warm. Or chill it for at least half an hour before serving 🙂

Mystery solved!


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