Seattle Eats (I): Macrina Bakery & Cafe

Location: 2408 1st Ave, Seattle, Washington
Genre: Bakery, Breakfast, Brunch
Famous for: Brunch, Coffee, French Toast & ALL their pastries

If there is one city(besides Singapore) I would love to move to , it would have to be Seattle: home of Grey’s Anatomy, Starbucks, the Space Needle, Puget Sound, REI (YEAH!)….and the list goes on…

I had the privilege of visting this great city not once..but twice during the last 6 months. Thanks to our only Singaporean warrior (ok, more like geek) at – JS. He graciously hosted me and my friends when spring rolled in (with the rain and all) and a second time when summer started in May. I should also mention that JS was an ex-valeebelly photographer, but he has since moved on to greater things in life. erhem.
Anyways..back to my point! I absolutely LOVE the food culture there. Fresh seafood, Pike’s Place, wine from the surrounding valleys, bakeries, oysters…I can’t seem to get enough of it. So, I decided to preserve these memories by (rudely) prohibiting my dining partners to even breathe when the food arrives until I have finished snapping some decent pictures with my 50 mm. And trust me, the lack of SLR skills made it a long and painful before-meal ritual for them.
I would be gradually putting up recommendations on places to eat at Seattle over the next few posts. So watch out for this space! (Singaporeans: only applicable if you are heading back to the States. if not, sorry, go on and drool.)
I decided on a thank-you treat for JS on the last afternoon there before leaving for the airport and got him to choose a place to have a light lunch. And I guess Macrina Bakery & Cafe was the best place to end my visit to Seattle.
I love this place! The waitresses were friendly, the atmosphere was great and besides the great food, they serve awesome beverages too. Not to mention, the complimentary slices of rustic bread they serve before your main meal + spice olive oil was to die for…

Please do also try their apple cider (only available after winter). It is not freshly made by them, but still, its great. Cold apple cider on a warm summer day. Nothing can beat that. And check out the stalk of rosemary in the olive oil…

I don’t exactly know whats the link between olives and Seattle but they seem to serve it as a side in almost every restaurant that I visited! I had the quiche (i am a big fan of quiches!) with some salad greens and olives..
while JS had their specialty crostoni (i think?) bread with sundried tomatoes and baby spinach + a cup of soup too.. Sadly, I can’t remember the exact names of the dishes we tried (should have jotted it down somewhere!) but in any case, chances are that you will not find it anyways since their change their menu rather frequently (almost every week!). I believe the reason for doing so is to capitalize on the fresh produce available during that particular period/season. Great concept!
Had the berry pie for desert..heavenly
Take me back there…….


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