Raw Seal for Sashimi?

Anthony Bourdain. You guys have NO idea how much I revere this guy. I love the way he goes about presenting his shows filled with frank opinions, vulgarities (that is censored of course), sacarsm, booze and cigarettes. I am not an advocator of the vices of course, its just that, we hardly get honest views from presenters nowadays so his method of sounding out his thoughts is a refreshing change.

This is one of my favourite episodes from his travel-food series that was shot in Quebec, Canada. It is in my opinion, one of the best portrayal of man’s honest relationship with his food.very raw.very real.with no fancy sauce,no chinaware,no pots and pans. its kinda amazing. check out how they use the blood “for stews” and the way they lick the fresh blood off their fingertips. I especially love the old lady of the family, catch her towards the end of the show, she does something really really…cute.



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