Hello World

So, after weeks of deliberating on starting up a food blog…I am finally at it.

Recently, I had this sudden urge to bake/cook something new when the weekend approaches. Maybe its the school stress…or perhaps boredom? But one thing’s for sure, it is definitely therapeutic. I can now finally understand why Izzie (Grey’s Anatomy, go watch it!) embarks on one of her baking sprees whenever things troubled her in the hospital. There are many things that set the soul free, it is running to some, or listening to music, meditation, reading…but for me, a perfect day would be shopping at a organic food-produce grocery store or a charming Asian wet market, followed by a day of baking/cooking and ending with smiles on the faces of my friends who have tasted my creations. (I am trying to get there..haha)

Anyway, the main point of my virgin post is to actually explain why this blog was created. For one, I realised the need to separate my daily mundane rantings from musings about my beloved subject: food. Another more compelling and justified reason would be that I would very much love to share the good eateries and recipes that I have come across during my short stint in America (which is sadly, coming to an end..soon), my travels and of course, back home in Singapore. My aunt (hello to Yi Zai if you’re reading this!) has always been pestering me for recipes too, especially so after her recent discovery of the most mindblowing internet portal ever created-Facebook!(ha!) and gawking at the awesome food photographs taken by an awesome food-photographer-wannabe: JS! I must say that good photography skills are essential in marketing the whole product *wink*. The very last reason (and perhaps the most influential one) would be my recent forage into Chubbyhubby (http://chubbyhubby.net/blog). Enough said.

I do not claim that the food that appear on this blog are drop-dead-delicious (especially those that were made by me), however, it does pass my standards and a couple of my friends to be able to make it here. Also, I would like to invite any of you who have been to a nice restaurant or made something phenomenal recently to be a guest-writer on this blog! So do enjoy! My wish is to bring this blog through my years in college, and beyond (husband, kids and all -no laughing pls, thank you very much-)…it will be fun I guess.

We shall see.


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